Adrian Bader X-Division All-Star GAME

The All-Star Game is one on the most popular events we present in the CPPL season. This year we pay tribute and respect to someone that we lost far too soon. Adrian Bader or “BADER” as he is known to his friends and to all paintball players will be the name we remember most when will play the All-Star game.

New format for this season, and all seasons going forward. The top 2 players earning points on EACH team will make the all star team. In the event that a player can not make it, the next highest scoring teammate will take his place.

The game will be held October 5th at 6pm outside, under the bright lights of the Paintball Action Games "Thunderdome"  Playing at night under lights is an awesome experience, adding to the accomplishment of being recognized as the best players in the CPPL.

Players earn points for being selected as one of the "3 STARS" of any X-division match.  
However, players also lose points for any penalties they "earn" as well.

Play great, play fair, or it will cost you a spot!  The ONLY way to play the All-Star game is too earn your way in.

The TOP 20 All-stars will play in the ALL-STAR game.  To be eligible, any all-star must also be registered to play in the CPPL E5 Series Championship the following day.  All players must confirm that they will attend, please fill out the form below the rankings.

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