Event #1: May 4th / 5th
Paintball Action Games, Edmonton AB

Paintball Action Games or "PAG" as it has become to be known.  Is the home to the largest number of CPPL events this season.  What you may or may not know is the PAG is the birthplace of current PSP World Series Champions "Edmonton Impact"  

"PAG" founded by local paintball legend Dale Kerr, has turned out some of the best paintball players in the world.  It is now home to CPPL events like The Nationals, CPPL Series Event One and the CPPL Championship Final.  All of these events will be held at the same PAG facility that Impact started playing at years ago.  

Kick off the 2018 season right, win and win big!!!  This is your chance to play on the "Thunderdome" arena behind the main building, one of the best arenas in the country.  Indoor team staging (just in case) make all events at PAG nearly "weather proof", this is Alberta after all, we may need it!!

We have limited space, register early to save your team money, and confirm your spot!

The outdoor season begins......


2019 CPPL SERIES Event #2
June 22nd / 23rd
Bragg Creek Paintball, Calgary AB

Bragg Creek Paintball has evolved into the top outdoor field in the province. It hosts 100s of players each and every weekend from April 1st to October 31st.  It is also the site for 3 CPPL Series Championship events in 2019.

Bragg Creek Paintball is the top paintball field in Alberta so it is fitting that it will host the most events of the CPPL season.

The second event of the season has seen the highest turnout for the past 4 years. Register early to avoid disappointment. 


2019 CPPL SERIES Warburton Classic
July 20th / 21st
Bragg Creek Paintball, Calgary AB

The CPPL has run events bearing the names of paintball companies, paintball fields, and even entire cities.  We have only once in 20 plus years of event production run an event that is dedicated in the honour of a single person. For this season going forward THE CPPL has made the decision that only one event per year will be given a the special treatment of it's own name.  That event is the WARBURTON CLASSIC.  This is Andy's event, it's special, and it deserves to be highlighted differently than all the rest.

Andy Warburton left a huge void in the local paintball community when he left us far too early a few years ago.  Andy was a CPPL event champion, a CPPL series champion, he was a person that I looked forward to seeing every chance I got.  That hasn't changed, nor will it ever change.

Losing Andy continues to be a devastating blow to the CPPL staff, and it's players.  CPPL events are not the same with out his presence.  No matter how hard we try we just can't seem to add what Andy brought to our events so effortlessly. The CPPL will continue to hold this event every year,  It is our way of honouring him, acknowledging the fact that Andy was the only person that contributed enough to our way of life to have an event run entirely in his name alone.  He will now never share that honour with any person or company.  It is his alone.

In truth all CPPL events are "Andy events".  Every year I never get to run the one event I want to.  I would love to run just one more event with him in attendance.

We miss you Andy.  You're a "pretty big deal".  How we wish you were here

Ride the lighting my friend,

Michael Carey
CPPL Event Director


2019 CPPL SERIES Event #4
August 31st / Sept 1st
Bragg Creek Paintball, Calgary AB


October 5th / 6th
Paintball Action Games, Edmonton AB