Hosted by: Bragg Creek Paintball
August 19th / August 20th

Bragg Creek Paintball has evolved into the top outdoor field in the province. It hosts 100s of players each and every weekend from April 1st to October 31st.  It is also the site for 3 CPPL Series Championship events in 2017.

5Player - ReBoot

The 5Player format is the most import style of paintball that the CPPL currently offers. It is the foundation of our league, it gives new players a place to develop and become X-division all-stars.  

So far this year, we haven't seen the participation refelct this.

So THE CPPL has come up with an idea that we hope will breathe new life into the 5Player format!


$500 entry fee per team.
This FEE includes Five (5) cases of paintballs!
$100 per team will go to the 5-1 winner as a cash prize.

All other prizes will be medals and Trophies for the winners

This will drastically reduce the cost per player to attend the 5Player event.