5Man Wrap Up Empire OPEN

Stop number 2 on the 2014 CPPL season would see a lack of one thing that the first event of the season was nice enough to bring. SNOW!!  No Snow this time!

E2 saw a few new teams jumping into the CPPL season.  These new teams were made up of players that haven’t played the CPPL in a few years, players returning to see if they could play with the best teams in the CPPL as they did just a few years ago.

D4 Prelims

The EH Team showed up early and ready to play.  They rolled off near perfect scores game after game.  They would fall just short of a perfect prelims missing out on just a 1st pull in the very last game.  Very impressive scores posted by diablos and Legion of BOOM were followed up by the tightest race of the entire event.  Spencosis edged out SD Outcast KIDZ, by one single point!  All Scores were checked and double checked, time to move on to the play off rounds

D2/D3 Prelims

The D2 and D3 would play a mixed prelim schedule.  This has proven very popular, as the D3 teams get to see how close they are to making the jump to the next level of play.  The D2 teams showed that they play at a level just above the D3 teams.  Both Saskatoon Savage and Revenge, went on lengthy successful streaks that saw them drop just 2 games of 10.  They would advanced to face off in the championship best of 3 finals.

D3 would prove to be a much tougher race.  E1 champions "The Panda’s” took the last playoff spot by just 15 points.  A second chance for the top D3 team in the CPPL early season.  5150 is a team on the rise.  They have performed better at every event they have played.  5150 would top the prelim rankings, ready for a run at their first D3 championship.  The X-Division teams Hinton Chaos and Regina Regulators qualified in the top 4, and would be ready to challenge for the top spot.


Once again due to popular demand, the “Best of 3” playoff returned.  The most dominate and consistent team will emerge using this format.    

D3 Quarter Finals

Dirty Mike and the boys is one of the returning groups. Many of these guys hadn't played paintball in over a year. It took some time, but they put together a great event. An early victory in the 1st round of the playoffs was erased by a strong effort from Pandamonium. The Dirty boys will be back, they lost in the maximum 3 games. Pandas aren't not extinct, they move on. 

The other returning group of heros came out flying in the quarters. 2 quick wins would see Shorty Sean (he's not that short!) and the boys move past the regulators. The semi-finals were set. 

D4 Semis

Coming off an unreal prelims the event looked to be all but won for the EH Team. The diablos had other ideas. Taking the 2nd game, the diablos became the first team to hang a flag on the EH Team. Tough luck for the diablos they couldn't win back to back. The EH team move on, but not with out a great fight from the diablos.  

Spencosis squeaked into the playoffs, and ran into a team on a roll. The Legion of BOOM would continue to the finals with a chance to win their first CPPL event. 

D2 Finals

Saskatoon savage played great paintball all day. The never slipped, the were dominate from game one and on. They would sweep to a second straight 5Man championship. Revenge would settle for second place. 

D2 Champions - Saskatoon Savage

D2 Champions - Saskatoon Savage

D2 2nd Place - Revenge

D2 2nd Place - Revenge

D3 Semi Finals

Pandamonium having survived a below average prelims (for them) would now face the top ranked D3 team 5150 (follow them on twitter @5150_paintball)

This would be the best match up of the event to this point. Back and forth, the teams needed all 3 games to decide a winner. In the end the Pandas pulled it off. 5150 would have to play for 3rd after a great prelims, this team has established itself as a favourite to win any event they play. Watch for them to win before the year ends, and to contend for the overall points championship. 

Shorty Sean and his crew of giants (compared to him) would make it two in a row as they defeated another D3 X-division team. Team short stuff became stronger as the event went along. The Pandas would be a tall order in the finals, will Sean measure up to the challenge??

D4 Finals

The D4 finals were FAST!!  We knew our results in the minimum amount of games required. The Eh team finished as they started, by winning. They dropped the Legion of BOOM (actually it was Diablos) in two straight games to claim the 2014 Empire Open.  The diablos (actually it was Legion of BOOM) would claim 3rd place by virtue of defeating Spencosis. Congrats to all the D4 finalists.  Sorry for the mix up on the placings guys, I wish I could watch every game, obviously my insider information can be wrong from time to time!!

The EH Team D4 Empire Open Champions

The EH Team D4 Empire Open Champions

2nd Place D4 5Man -  Diablos -(really they did take 2nd)

2nd Place D4 5Man - Diablos -(really they did take 2nd)

3rd Place D4 5Man - Legion of BOOM (3rd not 2nd...)

3rd Place D4 5Man - Legion of BOOM (3rd not 2nd...)

D3 Finals

The only issue to be settled was if the Panda’s could complete the comeback from a more difficult than normal prelims, or If Shorty Sean and the Boys would complete the comeback of the long layoff.  It was a back and forth battle that needed every minute of play allowed, in the end the Panda’s were the team that end up falling just , short of a second consecutive 1st place award.  The 2014 Empire Open Champs - Shorty Sean and the boys!

D3 5Man Champions - Shorty Sean and the boys

D3 5Man Champions - Shorty Sean and the boys

2nd Place D3 - Pandamonium - "PANDA's"

2nd Place D3 - Pandamonium - "PANDA's"

3rd Place D3 5Man -  5150 (@5150_paintball)

3rd Place D3 5Man -  5150 (@5150_paintball)

The MR Paintball open is this weekend, It marks the halfway point of the season.   Will we have more questions or answers?  

Emma Carey - Bragg Creek Paintball

Richard Cuckow - MR Paintball

Chris Follis - Paintball Action Games

Kee Action Sports - Eclipse - Badlands Paintball

Judging Crew including Matt - Ryan - Tim, Team Toxic and Thunder Buddies


Thank you of all of the support!  CPPL events would not happen with out your help!


MR Paintball OPEN June 21/22nd