Is this your first CPPL event?  If you are you may "forget" to do a few things before your first game.  We have put together a little check list for all teams to "HELP" them be their best!

TO DO List - Before the Event day

Every player needs a CPPL card to play in any CPPL.  If you get yours via the online registration system you will save $20.  

Visit your local paintball store to make sure your equipment is in top shape.  MR Paintball has a PRO SHOP at every CPPL event that will provide tech service when possible.  Please don't count on this, do it before the event!

Do you need to travel to the event?  Will you need a hotel?  We have a few options close to our event.  Check them out!

Check out the rules of the games!!  Click on the link below to download your copy of the CPPL rule book.


If you need to /  choose to smoke, please do not do so in the staging areas.  As a rule, If there is a roof or awning above your head, please find another spot to smoke.

Team Photos

Only approved photographers will be permitted on the field.  If you want on field action shots of your players, Check out one of our two approved photographers.  

TO DO List - Event day

Waiver / Roster
Before we can sell you paintballs we need to know who you are, and what team you play for.  Go to the registration desk, ask for your "Team Package"

Once you have this, fill out all the info (Team Roster / Waiver) and return it.  We can now sell you paintballs!!!

Save time and dowload them right here!!

All paintballs used at the event must be purcahsed from the CPPL.  We use a TAB system to keep things organized.  Simply "sign" for each case that you use, and settle up at the end of the event.  We will also pay put any prize money at the time of settlement.

It's that simple!!  Your team is now READY TO PLAY!!

If you have any other questions, please use the form below!

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