MR Open X-Division Wrap UP

Here we go, E3 wrap up!!

The 3rd session of the CPPL X-Division would feature 12 teams vying for CPPL gold and Cash.  For the first time would we see Three D3 teams playing.  D3 is an extremely important part of the X-Division.  These teams and players are a large part of the future of the X-Division, seeing them test the new format has been exciting and rewarding at the same time.

E3 would start where E2 left off, Hinton Chaos facing multiple event winners the Regina Regulators.  Another tough match between two teams learning to play a new format, getting smarter and more comfortable every time they play it.  Regina would take this round, winning 4-3 in overtime. D2 series leader Ragnarok would win it’s first match by a 3-1 score.  Their opponent would be Mobscene, with a new roster of players, playing D3 now, rebuilt with less experienced players, they look to be ready to challenge D3 and D2 teams in the mixed pre-lim round.

Saskatoon Savage as been the strongest team in the prelim round this entire season.  They start off again in fine form.  Posting a 7-1 MAX vs. Wildside.

The D1 prelim games would take the field next, giving us 2 games that would end the same.  Toxic defeated the Black Hammers by a score of 5-4.  Toxic has come close to defeating the Black Hammers before, this was the first time that they have broken through and snatched a victory.  Second round D1 games would see the Hammers rebound to defeat Inquisition, while Vengence would continue strong play and up their record to 2-0 with a single point win vs. Toxic.

The D2 level would prove to be the tightest race we have ever seen.  CKA and Wildside would end up tied for the final playoff spot.  By rule, after the 3rd tie breaker, Wildside would claim the last semifinal spot.  The team had to score 7 points vs. their last prelim opponent to have a chance.  They did, and the points fell in to place for them, they would move on.  CKA dropped a game in over time to the Regina Regulators, this would prove costly, as the extra point would have had them placing above Wildside.  It was not meant to be.  Ragnarok and Wildside would play for the right to face Savage in the final.

We had a few record setting performances at this event.  The record for points scored by two teams in one game had been 11 points,  Inquisition and Toxic played a prelim elimination game for the ages.  A highly entertaining match that had everything.  Come backs, last second points, and yes even OVERTIME.  Toxic would take the final prelim match in overtime by a score of 7-6.  New points total record is now 13!!  Fantastic match.  Black hammers edged Vengence in the final D1 game played, however they lost the tied breaker, ending up in 2nd place.

X-Divison Playoffs


D3 Champions - Regina Regulators

D3 Champions - Regina Regulators

The season long battle between The Regina Regulators and Hinton Chaos has been one-sided with regard to results, however, it has been extremely competitive.  These two teams have scratched and clawed all year long, and look to move up in competition next season.  Both teams will have a huge experience advantage moving into 2015.  The improvement that has been shown has been remarkable.  They have played the D2 teams hard, in a few cases even defeating the higher ranked opponents.  Well done guys!!!  The third CPPL added a new D3 team to the mix, and they broke the deadlock held by Chaos and The Regulators, Mob-scene D3 would play in the final, attempting to steal a title from the 306 crew.  Different opponent, same result, The Regina Regulators continue the quest for a perfect season.


D2 Champions - Ragnarok

D2 Champions - Ragnarok

It appeared that Wildside used all the energy they had to take the final playoff spot.  They did not have much left to fight off CPPL series leaders Ragnarok.  A dominate 7-0 win would see Ragnarok face Saskatoon Savage again.

Different event, same result.  Savage has been unable to figure out the final game of the event.  They have been perfect everywhere else, except the last game.  Ragnarok would take the match and the event championship  


D1 Champions - The Black Hammers

D1 Champions - The Black Hammers

The D1 events have been the most competitive we have seen in years.  Teams have taken turns dominating. Teams have given up large leads, and of course teams have come back from sure defeat to win.  

The Black Hammers forced their way into the finals by playing their best game of the season.  They came out strong against toxic, and never let them back into the match.  The Black Hammers would triumph to face Vengence in the finals again.

The trade off would continue. After a few controversial, or at least curious “towel” calls, Vengence would be unable to recover.  The Black Hammers would close the match out, never really in any danger of losing.

These wrap ups are fun, but they can be tons of work to put together.  Hopefully you enjoy them.  Next wrap will be up before the final event!

Next wrap up will be the 2014 WARBURTON CLASSIC!!