CPPL Championships - SCHEDULE - ALL-Star Game update - Layout

The schedule for the final event of the 2018 season is HERE!!

In True Alberta fashion, the weather could be very interesting this weekend! This has brought about a few scheduling changes.

ALL-Star Game Postponed to 2019 Nationals

In an effort to make sure that our ALL-Stars can show us why they made the 2018 All-Star game we have decided to move the game to the NATIONALS event in January. The weather that late (8pm Saturday) could be extremely cold, making a really X-Division game very difficult to hold.

All-Star Game rescheduled to Saturday January 26th 8PM

5Player and X-Division Schedules COMPLETE

Screenshot 2018-09-20 11.52.15.png
Screenshot 2018-09-20 11.52.23.png
Screenshot 2018-09-20 09.34.35.png

Paintballs Available at E5

The weather at the last event appears that it may be a bit cooler than normal. Due to this fact the CPPL will not be offering Elixir for sale. Elixir is designed to be brittle, it will just not work in the cooler temps.

As a result we will offer TOXIC and HOT PINK Killabees for sale. All paintballs will be the same price $75 including GST. Killabees is built to be a bit stronger, and may provide more bounces on target, but it will withstand the cold much better than Elixr would.

Hopefully the CPPL teams will understand that we have made this decision with the best interests of the players and teams involved. We can’t control the weather, but with stronger paintballs, and the INDOOR staging area that Paintball Action Games provides we have done all we can to ensure a great player experience at CPPL E5.

Good luck to all teams!

Michael Carey
CPPL Event Director

CPPL Director

2018 CPPL E5 - CPPL Championships

2018 CPPL E5 - CPPL Championships
September 22nd / 23rd
Hosted by:
Paintball Action Games Edmonton, AB

The final event of the season is nearly here!!  Fall weather feels like it is coming to Alberta and the CPPL is ready!!  We have indoor staging for all events held on the Paintball Action Games arena

All 5Player games are played on Saturday (Sept22nd)
All X-Divison games are played on Sunday (Sept23rd)

REGISTER NOW!!  Your entry deadline is Wednesday September 19th

A new NXL field is ready and waiting for you and your team!  Including the new centre bunkers.  We will be using an NXL layout for our event.  Which one?  Well, we have decided yet!!

The CPPL is on a mission to bring international quality events to the local paintball scene.  We will Improvise, adapt and overcome any challenge to achieve this goal.  


Register Your 5player team for CPPL E5 now! **X-Division is SOLD OUT**

Fees increase again on Monday September 11th.  Get your team sigend up and save some money!!

Team list is POSTED.  We have spots in 5Player ONLY.  X-Division is SOLD OUT and confirmed!  We welcome a NEW team for CPPL E5.  The "WARBOYS" hope to win an X2 Championship in their first event!  Good Luck Guys!  Welcome to the X-Division!

2018 All-Star Teams - Did you Make it?!?

X-Division All-Star Info 2018

The top 20 players during the CPPL season will play in the CPPL All-Star game.  The game will be held on September 22nd at 8pm outside, under the bright lights of the Paintball Action Games "Thunderdome"  Playing at night under lights is an awesome experience, adding to the accomplishment of being recognized as the best players in the CPPL.

Players earn points for being selected as one of the "3 STARS" of any X-division match.  However, players also lose points for any penalties they "earn" as well.

Play great, play fair, or it will cost you a spot!  The ONLY way to play the All-Star game is too earn your way in.

The TOP 20 All-stars will play in the ALL-STAR game.  To be eligible, any all-star must also be registered to play in the CPPL Championship the following day.  All players must confirm that they will attend, please fill out the form below the rankings.

Screenshot 2018-09-04 10.49.24.png
Michael Carey - 2018_ALLSTAR_2.jpg
Michael Carey - 2018_ALLSTAR.jpg


Team List

The first price increase is this Friday August 31st.  We only have space for 5player teams.  all 10 spaces for the X-Division are Sold Out and confirmed.  If you want to play at the CPPL Championships, you must register early!


CPPL Merch

Any team that played the CPPL Series in 2018 will have their team name on the CPPL Merch offered for sale at the CPPL Championships.  The team names and spelling will be the same as on the Series Standings page.  Please let THE CPPL know if there is any errors.