November to Remember Entry Deadline - November 2nd

November 2nd is your last day to register for the last paintball event of the 2014 season.  The snow is about to hit us, why not get in one last competitive event before the practice season begins.

Many teams have already jumped up to the next level getting ready for the 2015 season one event early.  If your team had success at the level that you played at all season, make the jump, test yourselves at the next step.  This also allows the teams that were not as consistent, or strong to build confidence and experience, you are actually helping the competitive sport of paintball grow by moving up, allow the next developing group of players a chance to have the same experiences that you have had.

Get to the next level, be better!!

Get your team registered!

Thank you!!

Michael Carey
CPPL Event Director

2015 CPPL Nationals
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