CPPL XBALL Championship - August 16th / August 17th

CPPL XBALL Championship - August 16th / August 17th 

The event will be played on the turf field at Paintball Action Games
in Edmonton, Alberta

Event Details
Play the Original X-Ball (NXL/CXBL) Format
!!!  Teams will play a full match of two 25min halves the match will end on time, not points.  This is XBALL as it was originally designed!  Have you ever wanted to play the same format as the great NXL teams of the mid to late 2000’s?  This is your chance!

Divisions of Play

For this special event we have altered the division system.  The XBALL Championships will feature two different divisions of play.

X1 - This division will feature all players and teams that currently play in Division 1 of the CPPL X-Division.  Also included in this division will be the top 3 Division 2 teams playing in the CPPL D2 X-Division.

X2 - This division will feature all current D3 X-Division teams plus the division 2 teams that did not qualify for the X1 division.

Entry Fees / Paintballs
Due to potential of higher paintball usage, this event will employ a different fee structure.  Paintballs will be sold by the CPPL at $60 per case.  Marballizer and Formula 13 will be available.  All paintballs will be the same price.  Thank you to Empire Paintball, their support has enabled us to discount the marballizer cost for this special event. 

Entry Fees for this event will be:
 X1 $500 / X2 $400
All fees will Increase $100 after early deadline
(July 30th)

Rosters / Matches / Prizes
Teams will be permitted to roster up to 15 players.  Teams will play 3 matches min over 2 days.  Playoff teams will play 1, possibly 2 more.  Cash prizes will be paid to the top 3 teams in each division.  90% of all entry fees will make up the prize package.

2014 CPPL X-Ball Championship Entry Fee
Team Name
Team Captain
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