2015 CPPL Card Registration OPEN!


CPPL Card Registration will be open until January 22nd at 7pm
Please bring your PAYPAL proof of payment to pick up your CARD

Your 2015 CPPL card will allow you to play all sanctioned CPPL events, all using the exact same ranking system.  

This will insure that all teams and players will play at the proper level, giving everyone a fair chance to compete.  All players must have a 2015 CPPL player ID card to play any CPPL event.

Players may register and pay online for their ID card. This will save you $20 compared to waiting until the event.. The online system will be open from January 1st to January 20th. Players that miss the online deadline must stand in line and get their card before the tournament starts. Our event system is very quick and easy, but save yourself time and money. Do it online!!

Cost for waiting until the last minute is the regular price of $40

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