CPPL Media PASS / Photographers Policy

CPPL Photographers Policy

Due to lack of space on the field and in an attempt to ensure that there is no on field interference of game play the CPPL has had to implement a policy regarding on field media

To be considered “media” and given access to the CPPL field all photographers must comply with all of the following conditions

  1. They must have a professional website, and or portfolio.  persons with cameras will not be given access to the field.  You must be a professional to have access.

  2. A copy of any photos taken must be supplied to the CPPL to be used as they see fit.  Examples of use would be websites or social media.  All credit to photographer will be given if photo is used.

  3. If a photographer is planning on charging teams for services, they must work out a fee that they will pay to the CPPL.  This fee will be a percentage of what they charge teams.  Any fees that the CPPL collects from this will be donated to Team Toxic's “Shoot for the Cure” fund.

If you are interested in shooting CPPL events, please apply online to the event director (info@thecppl.com)

Michael Carey
Event Director

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