Rosters, Waivers and ID Cards!

Online submission of rosters and waivers will close at 9am.  Save time, do it all online!!

There also just a few hours left to secure your ID Card before the Nationals event and save yourself $20! Get online NOW and take advantage of the savings.

It is very important all teams and players understand that qualifications for all divisions have changed.  Please pay special attention to the qualification questions for each division.  They are EXTREMELY important.  If your team is to be found in violation of the qualification questions, you will not be permitted to advance to the playoff rounds.

The largest change is in the ENTRY or D4 classification.  Many D4 teams that played an entire season last year would not be permitted to play even one event in 2015.  Please read the questions carefully, and be honest with your answers.

We will not hesitate to tag your team as a NON playoff team if needed.

Please understand that these systems are in place to ensure that the CPPL will continue to develop players and give teams a fair chance to compete on a level playing field.

Thank you for your time, Good luck this weekend!!




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