PAG Open Update

The 2015 CPPL season is off to a flying start!

Many divisions are SOLD OUT or very close to it.  

X-Division is SOLD OUT
If you have a team wanting to play X-Division at the first CPPL event, you have waited to long.  We currently have MAXED out our team count at 12.  As previously released We will use the promotion/relegation system for the 2015 X-Division season.  For event one will will have 4 X1  teams and 8 X2 teams.  

After event one will we promote the X2 winner and the X2 second place team into the X1 division.  We will not drop any X1 teams after E1.  One X1 team will be dropped after E2, and the winning X2 team will be promoted into the Top X1 division.

This is shaping up to be the most exciting X-Division season EVER!!

Many divisions are VERY close to being completely full.   If you have an Eclipse level, or Entry level team looking to play, you may run out of time any day now.  Please don't miss out.  Once these divisions fill, teams will be forced to play in the positions that we have remaining other levels of play.

Get registered ASAP!!


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