New CPPL Rankings Reminder!!

This is a "repost" update of the NEW rankings system we are using for 2015.  Please email ( or reply with any questions.  

 Congratulations to all the teams that made the next step!!

2015 5Man Progressive Ranking System

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the new relegation and promotion system that we will be using for X-Division 2015, we have realized that it would work even better at the 5Man level.  We will be using this system for 2015 for the Empire and Eclipse levels of play.

The main problem with any ranking system is that it isn't as flexible as it should be.  Many times teams or players get "stuck" at a rank too high, or too low.  Maybe they win an event at one level, only to struggle at the next.  Our new system applied at the 5Man level will eliminate that.

Here is how it will work.

All teams will start the season based on the current ranking system used by the CPPL.  This will determine what rank your team will begin the season.  From this point, we will allow the teams to determine at what level they will play.

After the first event, the top two Eclipse teams will advance to play the following event at the Empire level.  At the same time, the last place Empire team will be dropped to the Eclipse division.  This is where they will play the next event. This will continue all season long.  After each event two teams will be promoted to the Empire division, and one team will be relegated to the eclipse division.

As you can see, teams will basically rank themselves.  This will allow all teams to be competitive for an entire season, it will eliminate teams dominating the lower levels of play, discouraging new teams from trying tournament style paintball.  This has become a major problem in paintball, we must take steps to eliminate it.  Failure to do so will see all leagues run out of teams, and stop running events.

After the final event the top 8 teams will be ranked as Empire teams for the 2016 Nationals event and the 2016 CPPL season.  All other teams will be ranked as Eclipse teams. The best 8 teams will make up the Empire division at this point, it will truly reflect the 8 best teams.

Questions or Concerns

What If a team plays Event #1 as an Empire team, places out side the relegation zone (not in the bottom 2) but doesn’t play Event#2, where will this team be ranked for Event#2

  • This team would retain their ranking as an Empire team.  The only way to drop down to the Eclipse division is by placing in the bottom spot in the Empire division.

If an Eclipse team is promoted to Empire division after Event#1, but misses Event#2, what rank will this team be at for Event#3?

  • this team would retain their ranking as an Empire team.  Not playing an event does not change your ranking.  You must place in the relegation zone or promotion zone to move divisions

What a about prizes?  Series Championship?

  • There will be prizes at every event for both the EMPIRE and ECLIPSE divisions.  There will be only ONE overall 5Man series champion.  The team that secures the most series points over the four events will be crowned the 2015 5Man Series Champions

What level should I play at?

  • Ideally play at the same level that you played at before this system came into place.  If you played Nationals in the Empire division, continue to do so, like wise for Eclipse teams.  If your team struggles, you will be moved down, if you do very well, we will find a new challenge for you!

We hope that you are all as excited as we are about this new change.  It is truly designed to make our events better, and give more teams a chance to be competitive, while also offering a new challenge every event.

We welcome input and thoughts about this new format!!

All fees increase on May 16th!!


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