The Shane Daye and Keith Nash Memorial Foundation

The Shane Daye and Keith Nash Memorial Foundation

The foundation was created to help preserve the memory of Shane Daye and Keith Nash for their families and friends. The foundation through the generous support of the Fort McMurray community funds yearly scholarships to deserving recipients who demonstrate leadership qualities to helps facilitate involvement in recreational or competitive sport or to attend post-secondary institutions. Remaining capital resources are to be donated to local teams, sports associations or to local facilities to continue active involvement in sport.

A young boy that was positively influenced by Shane Daye on the paintball field designed and printed 100 PLAY 4 DAYE stickers that began laying the groundwork for this Memorial Foundation and a Scholarship Fund.

The yearly Scholarship recipients are chosen by the board.  Individuals can apply themselves or can be recommended by coaches, parents or teachers.

Both Keith Nash and Shane Daye attended Father Mercredi High School and were well known to teachers and throughout the community of Fort McMurray.

The staff at Father Mercredi High School, in Fort McMurray, is encouraged to recommend students they feel are deserving of the $1000 award annually. The award is presented either at the Convocation ceremony for grade 12 recipients or at the school award ceremony for all other grades which is held at the conclusion of the academic year. There is also a plaque kept at the High School with the yearly recipients names engraved. Communication regarding recommended students is through Annie Chatelain, who is one of our board members.

Students from other schools can apply for the scholarship by sending an e-mail to The applications will be forwarded to the board for consideration and review. A board member will present the award to the yearly recipients.

Shane and Keith were great paintball players / team mates, therefore we are extending the scholarship to the paintball family.  We are looking to sponsor 1 team to attend World Cup 2016.  The sponsorship would be in the amount of $1000.00.  


Again we are asking you to apply to the email above by April 1 2016.

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