CPPL X-Division NEW RULES!! - All the questions and more!!

Hey Guys!!

In true CPPL teams fashion it seems everyone is super excited about the 2017 season!!!  The new rules have players and teams debating what's good, and what they maybe don't like as much!!

From what we have been hearing, let me try and clear up a few things.

The biggest single change introduced for 2017 is that EVERY team will start EVERY point with 5Players.  If a penalty is called, it will affect a TEAM for only one point.  It may however affect an INDIVIDUAL player for longer

The 141 rule has not changed.  What was a 141 in 2016 will be a 141 in 2017.  No changes.
The 241 rule has not changed.  What was a 241 in 2016 will be a 241 in 2017 No changes.
The 341 rule has not changes.  What was a 341 in 2016 will be a 341 in 2017 No changes.

What HAS changed is that the PLAYER responsible for the penalty will sit out the next point or more depending on the penalty called.  In effect, penalties hurt TEAMS less and PLAYERS much more.

A 141 will see a player sit for one point (THE TEAM STILL PLAYS WITH 5!)
A 241 will see a player sit for two points (THE TEAM STILL PLAYS WITH5!)
A 341 will see a player sit for the rest of the match (THE TEAM STILL PLAYS WITH 5!)

I LOVE THE PASSION GUYS!!!  The CPPL is so very lucky to have teams and players that care enough about the league to debate rules changes SIX MONTHS BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS!!!

Please post questions or comments here we will do our best to clear up and questions or confusion you may have.  We can't always find the posts or questions on other sites ETC....

We welcome the debate, the questions, and even the "WHAT THE HELL IS MIKE THINKING!!!"  We take it as the highest compliment that you care enough to talk about us!!!

Nationals is just around the corner, looking forward to another GREAT paintball season!!

See you all in January!!

Michael Carey
CPPL Event Director


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