Win a FREE entry to Nationals 2017 - Winter Practice #2

Did you play one of the first two days of WINTER PRACTICE #1??  If you did, the awesome crew at PAINTBALL ACTION GAMES kept track of your name!!  If you play at least ONE day of PRACTICE #2 and PRACTICE #3, you could win your entry fee to the 25th NATIONALS!!!

All qualified names will be entered into a random draw.  One lucky winner and their team will not have to pay ANY entry fee!!!  Make all three practices, and you could play NATIONALS for FREE!!!

Dont MISS OUT!!!!


Paintball Action Games in Edmonton, Alberta

Schedule / TIME
Saturday December 10th
9:00pm Start
Sunday, December 11th
8am Start

$70 per case. $10 field fee. 
Play both days and only pay one field fee. 
Tournament grade paint will be available.

Please come by yourself or bring your team!!