E1 Paintballs Pre Purchase (SAVE $5 PER CASE)

E1 Paintballs Pre Purchase (SAVE $5 PER CASE)

Would your team like the option of PRE-Paying for some of the paintballs that you will use at the event?  If so, this option was built JUST for you!!

Save $5 per case, pay for your paintballs early and confirm that they will be available at the event.  We can sometimes run low on a certain paintball, depending on demand.  Take that out of the equation!!  Make your purchase early!  

Are you lucky enough to have a team sponsor??  They can support you by arranging payment before the day of the event!

All PRE-SOLD paintballs are non-refundable.  Please only purchase what you feel you will use.  You can always purchase more at the event.


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