5Man Division 3 and Entry Level Format Update

With the increase in "NEW" teams and returning "OLD" teams, it has come time to update the qualifying format for Entry Level and Division 3 teams.  At CPPL E1 we played a "mixed" schedule with all ENTRY and D3 teams playing each other, this showed us that some of the Entry level teams could play and compete with the D3 teams.

Going forward we will use the mixed schedule for all CPPL Series events.  This means that all D3 teams and Entry teams will play each other in the prelims, same as before.  What will change is how we will determine what teams advance to the playoff rounds.  If during the prelims of the event an entry level team qualifies for the D3 playoffs, they will be promoted from entry to D3 effective immediately.  They will play the playoffs as a D3 team, possibly taking a spot from a D3 team in the playoff round.

The main reason for the addition of this feature is to ensure that all teams are playing at the appropriate level as quickly as possible.  Entry level is designated for NEW teams, with little to no experience in paintball.  If your team has played paintball events before, you should play D3.  If your team has finished on the podium (you have actually won a CUSTOM CPPL medal!!) you should be playing D3.

This is the last friendly nudge from the CPPL to encourage teams to challenge themselves, and make the next step as soon as possible.  We need to make room for teams to learn how to play paintball events, staying at the lowest level for the longest possible time only hurts your team, and the CPPL development of new players and teams.

Feel free to email the event director with any questions

Michael Carey
Event Director
E - info@cpplevents.com
W - www.cpplevents.com

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