Season Pass Extension

We have quite a few teams trying to get registered for the 2018 season, but they may need just a bit more time to get organized.  So we have extended the Season Pass deadline to APRIL 5TH.  This will be the LAST day that you can commit your team for the entire 2018 season.

Why would you want to do this?

Easy, play the same amount of paintball, for LESS!  Teams that lock in get the price price possible for the entire season, PLUS they get free paintballs at every event!

Can we season pass for either X-Division and 5Player?

YES!  In fact you can do BOTH if you want!!

X-Division Benefits

  • Cheapest Entry Fee Save up to $150 per event
  • Free Case of paintballs at each event
  • 50% off on your 5Player entry fees

5Player Benefits

  • Cheapest Entry Fee Save up to $100 per event
  • Extra Free case of paintballs at each event (for a total of 6 free!!)

As you can see it JUST MAKES SENSE!!

Save money and play paintball all season long!  Play an entire season of paintball, for the same price as ONE event in the USA.

The CPPL bring international level paintball events right to your backyard, register now!!