2018 CPPL E5 - CPPL Championships

2018 CPPL E5 - CPPL Championships
September 22nd / 23rd
Hosted by:
Paintball Action Games Edmonton, AB

The final event of the season is nearly here!!  Fall weather feels like it is coming to Alberta and the CPPL is ready!!  We have indoor staging for all events held on the Paintball Action Games arena

All 5Player games are played on Saturday (Sept22nd)
All X-Divison games are played on Sunday (Sept23rd)

REGISTER NOW!!  Your entry deadline is Wednesday September 19th

A new NXL field is ready and waiting for you and your team!  Including the new centre bunkers.  We will be using an NXL layout for our event.  Which one?  Well, we have decided yet!!

The CPPL is on a mission to bring international quality events to the local paintball scene.  We will Improvise, adapt and overcome any challenge to achieve this goal.  


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