Paintballs Available at E5

The weather at the last event appears that it may be a bit cooler than normal. Due to this fact the CPPL will not be offering Elixir for sale. Elixir is designed to be brittle, it will just not work in the cooler temps.

As a result we will offer TOXIC and HOT PINK Killabees for sale. All paintballs will be the same price $75 including GST. Killabees is built to be a bit stronger, and may provide more bounces on target, but it will withstand the cold much better than Elixr would.

Hopefully the CPPL teams will understand that we have made this decision with the best interests of the players and teams involved. We can’t control the weather, but with stronger paintballs, and the INDOOR staging area that Paintball Action Games provides we have done all we can to ensure a great player experience at CPPL E5.

Good luck to all teams!

Michael Carey
CPPL Event Director

CPPL Director

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