5PLAYER - Event Registration NOW OPEN! - Season Pass Sale ends April 1st


The 5Player format is the most import style of paintball that the CPPL currently offers. It is the foundation of our league, it gives new players a place to develop and become X-division all-stars.  

THE CPPL will continue with the idea that helped the 5player devision regain popularity in the last few seasons. 

The “All inclusive” price of $500 for entry fee and 5 cases of paintballs will return once again!5
If you want to play all season, lock in with our “Season Pass” option and receive 1 more free case at each event!

ENTRY FEE (Per Event)

$550 entry fee per team.
This FEE includes Five (5) cases of paintballs. 

Season Pass

$2500 entry fee per team

This fee includes six (6) free cases of paintballs at each event!

What division should I play!!??

5-1 - Play this division if you want to play the best teams at the event.  This is the the division that hold the BEST players and teams in the CPPL.  In this division you will find the top players from Sundays XDIV looking to sharpen their skills, and prepare for the next day!

5-2 - The next level.  Play this level if you have played 5-2 for at least a season, and made the playoffs at least once.  If you have not made the playoffs ever as a 5-2 team, play at the 5-3 level!

5-3 - Intro to paintball!  Teams should play at this level if this is the first year of playing paintball events.  If you have played for a season or two, but have NEVER made the playoffs as a 5-2 team, you may play 5-3 at the start of this season. 

5-M - Fully OPEN, all teams and players may play this division.  Only requirement is that your gun may only use mechanical operation to fire paintballs.  No Batteries can be used on your gun (powered loaders are ok)

The winners of some divisions will receive a cash prize based on entry fees paid. 
All other prizes will be medals and Trophies for the winners

Play it for fun, or for practice.  Play 5 Player!

2019 Event Dates

Event #1: May 4th - Paintball Action Games, Edmonton AB
Event #2: June 22nd - Bragg Creek Paintball, Calgary AB
Warburton: July 20th - Bragg Creek Paintball, Calgary AB
Event#4: August 31st - Bragg Creek Paintball, Calgary AB
CPPL Finals: October 5th - Paintball Action Games, Edmonton AB