5Player Deadline is TONIGHT
12 midnight tonight is the last chance for all 5player teams to register for E1.  Sign up now!!!

5Player Format Changes for E1 and Beyond
As seen by the massive interest and registration for the 2017 X-Division, the CPPL season is off to a great start.  Teams and registrations however for 5Player have been a bit slower.  Due to this, a few changes will be implemented to ensure all 5Player Teams a great CPPL experience!

Divisions ( 5-1 and 5-2)
For CPPL E1 the Entry (division 4) level will be cancelled.  This leaves us with Ultimate teams, division 2 teams and division 3 teams.  One of the main reasons for the popularity of the X-Division is that we have added a promotion and relegation system for ranking teams and players.  The time has come to add this feature to the 5player division.

This will bring a few changes to the 5Player format.  Teams will now play all teams regardless of division.  To use E1 as an example, we have 12 teams currently.  Each team will play 11 games.  The TOP 6 teams will advance to the playoffs, regardless of what division they registered for.  These teams will become our 1st 5-1 Teams.  The TOP4 teams that REGISTERED as D2 or D3 will advance to the 5-2 playoffs

Each and every event will have 2 finals, 5-1 and 5-2.  Starting with E2 The winner of the previous event 5-2 will be promoted to 5-1.  the team that finished last in 5-1 will be dropped to 5-2 for the following event.

Firing Mode
Teams and players for the first time ANYWHERE will be able to choose their own firing mode. 
Mode 1 - NXL Mode (10.5 BPS RAMP)
Mode 2 - SEMI Auto (15.0 BPS capped)

The CPPL feels that these changes will increase interest and participation in the 5Player format. We see this format of paintball essential to the growth of our sport and the increasing strength of our league.