Promotion/Relagation Details

The single biggest change that the CPPL has introduced for this season is the concept of promotion and relagation.  The ranking system the CPPL has employeed for the last few years has been effective, however as with anything, if we dont change, or adapt to new environments we will be left behind.  The major draw back to any ranking system is that teams get “stuck” at a level either above, or below their skill level.  Teams that struggle at a level, must stay there for an entire season.  

This can prove to be very tough on team confidence and morale.  No longer will you be “ranked” by the CPPL, your play as a team, and as a player will rank you.  We are very excited to see the effects of this adjustment.  The Major leagues in the USA and Europe have pioneered this system with great success.  

The major benefits in it’s use is that EVERY game is important.  Teams that have had a difficult event, will have to fight to prevent being relegated down a division for the next event.

The system will works as follows:

Entry Level (D4)

Entry level teams that place in the Top 2 positions at each event will be given the choice to jump to the next level.  If the teams choose to make the jump, they will be awarded a prize package as an Eclipse team.  If the team chooses to play another event at Entry level, they will forfeit their prizes.  Major incentive for teams to rise through the ranks quickly.

Eclipse Level (D3)

Eclipse teams will be promoted 2 at a time into the EMPIRE division.  The top 2 teams at each event will make the jump to the next level.  If an eclipse team has made it through to the final 2 placings, they are ready for the next challenge that the EMPIRE division will bring.

Empire Level (D2)

Empire teams will not be promoted to another level.  They are the top division that we offer.  The “Ultimate” division is a completely OPEN division, any team may play in the Ultimate division if they so choose.  Empire teams however will have to avoid relegation back down to the Eclipse level.  

 The bottom 2 placing Empire teams in the preliminary round will play a “best of three” elimination series to determine which team will be dropped back to Eclipse the level.  This system will come into place at The EMPIRE OPEN event in JUNE.