PAG Open X-Division Wrap Up

The 2015 season would begin with more teams than ever commiting to play the very popular multi-point paintball format.  A few new wrinkles to the exsisting rules look to make every match played very exciting.  After the first event, The CPPL will drop one X1 team to X2 and raise one X2 team to play with the top teams in the CPPL.  At the first event 2 X2 teams will be promted to X1. 

The Teams

The 2014 X-division season proved to the most popular in CPPL history.  Before 2015 even began, more teams have committed to play the first event then ANY event run in 2014.  With 11 teams in total slated to play the PAG Open would be a great place to start the biggest season of X-division yet.  Returning 2014 series champions Vengence would join a re-built Inquisition as the first teams to sign up for X1.  

Joining them would be the two most domminate D2 X-division teams from 2014.  Ragnarok won the 2014 D2 Series Championship, and every event they played, well except the event that Saskatoon Savage beat them in the final.  It took an entire season, but Savage FINALY broke through in style.  Both teams would make the jump to X1 for 2015.


New teams abound in X2.  The D2 and D3 divisions would merge into one division for the current season.  Hinton Chaos, 2014 D3 Champions the Regina Regulators, D2 teams LSD Kittens, Sons of Osiris, Saskatoon Savage2 and the Ragnarookies would join new entrant Cochrane Lockout in the first season of X2. 


The weather is usually the story when you run any event in early spring.  Last season we saw SNOW, RAIN, HAIL and SUN, all of that before LUNCH!  2015 would see many of those same patterns, even at all at once!  If you don’t like the weather in Alberta, wait 10 minutes, it's bound to change!

PRE-LIMS (X1 and X2)

The X2 teams would start the season.  2014 D3 X-DIV teams Hinton Chaos and Series Champions Regina Regulators, would both emerge victorious, securing 3-1 wins vs newcomers SASKATOON SAVAGE2 and COCHRANE Lockout.  The 2nd Ragnarok team would also win their first match, however the LSD Kitten team would push them to overtime, earning the “loser point” as they fell 4-3.  The X1 division would start of with a statement made by an early season favorite.  Inquisition would route Ragnarok 7-0. The match seemed much closer than the score, as every point was competitive.  Two major penalties called on Ragnarok seem to tip the balance to “INQ”

The matches really picked up steam in the next set.  The four teams combined to score 19 points!!  The “Sons of Osiris” would fall just short of a MAX point win vs. Hinton Chaos.  The most competitive match so far would see 2014 X-Division Series champions “Vengence” slip by “Saskatoon Savage” 5-4.  The game was a battle from start to finish.  Run throughs, tons of penalties and a playoff like intensity, great start to the season by both squads.

The next round of matches would see teams rebound from first match disappointments.  SAVAGE2 would put up 6 points vs. LSD, they dominated in a 6-1 win.  Lockout would steal a 2 point victory over the SONS, to even their record at 1-1.  The single biggest turn around would see Ragnarok destroy Vengence 7-0.  Ragnarok but the pressure on Venegence right from the start, even with the early lead they kept coming.  The result was lots of desperate play from Vengence, and even more questionable decisions.  6 penalties were called in this match, all on one team.  This is a CPPL X-Division record for penalties called in one game.  Not the record breaking performance that Vengence was hoping for.

The playoff spots would be decided in the last round of games.  Lockout would secure top spot with a dominating 7-1 3 point win.  This would put them clear of the rest.  Also with 3 wins, Regina Regulators would step into second place just one point back.  On the strength of 2 wins and an overtime loss point SAVAGE2 would qualify in third place.  The final position would see three teams tied 4 points each.  Point differential would see Hinton Chaos advance.

With a 2-0 record Inquisition was assured a place in the X1 final.  Vengence and Ragnarok would both need to win their final mat ch.  Vengence fell to Inquisition in overtime putting them at 4 points for the event.  Ragnarok would advance with an overtime loss or a win of any kind.  They left nothing to chance, snatching the last finals place with a 5-1 win against SAVAGE.  I watched every game, every point nearly, I couldn’t figure out how SAVAGE didn’t win a single match.  They seemed to be “IN” every point, just couldn’t finish I guess.  They are better than a 0-3 record.  I am sure they will prove it next time out.


X2 teams would have a semi-final followed by a winner take all final game.  Both finalists would be then be promoted to X1 for Event2.  To be the first team promoted to X1 would be quite an accomplishment.  Who would be the first?!

Back and forth battles would see each of the four teams hold the lead at different points.  As the matches ended it appeared that we would finish the event the same way we started.  The Regulators and Lockout would have a rematch of their first prelim game.  A great rivalry is beginning to develop between these teams.  The first X-Division event ever for Cochrane Lockout would finish very impressively.  They would play one event and be promoted to X1 for their second.  Well done guys.  For the Regina Regulators, the final would be a continuation to a trend they started last season.  They have improved at every event, playing 5Man and X-division.  You can see them get better every point. 


The Regina Regulators are your PAG OPEN X2 CHAMPIONS.  Fantastic performance, good luck in X1 boys!!

The X1 final would be a one and done affair.  Ragnarok started this event with a disappointing loss to the very team they would now face for the Championship.  The event long struggle did see Ragnarok make adjustments; they played the center section of the field as good as anyone.  They used this to gain an early lead on the undefeated Inquisition.  They would hold on for a 3-1 win.  Playing in their first X1 event, they would take their first X1 Championship.  This is an unreal accomplishment. 

PAG OPEN X1 Champions - Ragnarok!!   

The X-Division is shaping up to be more than we could have ever asked for.  New event winners, and new teams are introducing new blood into our top division.  Positions in the top division must be earned at every event.  Every match means something.  Intensity will build with each event.  We can’t wait to see what’s next!!



PAG Open 5Man Wrap Up

2015 CPPL Series Event#1 PAG OPEN

Because you asked for it!!  Back by popular demand, the event wrap up!

The 2015 season is shaping up to be the most exciting and interesting season in CPPL history.  The CPPL is very much looking forward to the season, more so than any other season we have run before.  New promotion and relagation systems in place for both 5Man and X-Division should have so many more teams playing for event championships, while making a series title the single most prestegiuos accomplishment a player can acheive in the CPPL.


The single biggest change that the CPPL has introduced for this season is the concept of promotion and relagation.  The ranking system the CPPL has employeed for the last few years has been effective, however as with anything, if we dont change, or adapt to new environments we will be left behind.  The major draw back to any ranking system is that teams get “stuck” at a level either above, or below their skill level.  Teams that struggle at a level, must stay there for an entire season.  

This can prove to be very tough on team confidence and morale.  No longer will you be “ranked” by the CPPL, your play as a team, and as a player will rank you.  We are very excited to see the effects of this adjustment.  The Major leagues in the USA and Europe have pioneered this system with great success.  

The major benefits in it’s use is that EVERY game is important.  Teams that have had a difficult event, will have to fight to prevent being relegated down a division for the next event.

The system will works as follows:

Entry Level (D4)

Entry level teams that place in the Top 2 positions at each event will be given the choice to jump to the next level.  If the teams choose to make the jump, they will be awarded a prize package as an Eclipse team.  If the team chooses to play another event at Entry level, they will forfeit their prizes.  Major incentive for teams to rise through the ranks quickly.

Eclipse Level (D3)

Eclipse teams will be promoted 2 at a time into the EMPIRE division.  The top 2 teams at each event will make the jump to the next level.  If an eclipse team has made it through to the final 2 placings, they are ready for the next challenge that the EMPIRE division will bring.

Empire Level (D2)

Empire teams will not be promoted to another level.  They are the top division that we offer.  The “Ultimate” division is a completely OPEN division, any team may play in the Ultimate division if they so choose.  Empire teams however will have to avoid relegation back down to the Eclipse level.  

 The bottom 2 placing Empire teams in the preliminary round will play a “best of three” elimination series to determine which team will be dropped back to Eclipse the level.  This system will come into place at The EMPIRE OPEN event in JUNE.

CPPL E1 Wrap up

The 5Man division filled quite quickly.  The Ultimate division however proved slow to fill.  These spots were released and snapped up by eager teams.  The ECLIPSE division proved the most popular, bumped up by numerous Entry teams jumping to the next level. The D3 prelims  were extremely competitive.  The top 4 spots were less than one game worth of points apart.  With 4 teams scoring over 600 points, the cut was very high.  All playoff teams scored over 500 points.  The bar has been set very high, very early.

The Entry division was dominated early and often by the “MISFITS”  They jumped out to an early lead, and never looked back.  They did drop a few games, however they showed that they were the class of the newest division in the CPPL.  They look ready and willing for a new challenge at the EMPRIE Open in JUNE.  The rest of the division was much closer.  The HELLHOUNDS, Salt and Pepper SLP would grab the next two playoff spots.  

The last qualification slot would be taken by “VILE”  Made up a a group of players that have until now played most of their paintball in the WOODS at CPPL event host BRAGG CREEK PAINTBALL.  These guys learned quickly, and seemed to really enjoy the new aspect of paintball that CPPL events can bring.  They will be ready to make the jump very soon.  Great Job guys

The Empire division and the Eclipse division will play a mixed schedule all season long.  This allows teams a both levels to understand how they compare to other teams either above them in ranking, or below.  


The Empire division would be a very simple RACE to the final.  Only the top 2 Empire teams would have a chance to win the event.  The “Sons of Osiris” jumped out quickly and never looked back.  They dropped just one game, and one flag pull.  They were clear into the finals.  A slow middle portion of the schedule for LSD kittens would cost them a chance to play for the first 5Man event of the season.  The Regina Regulators would grab the last finals spot by winning 2 out of the last 3 games.  Pandemonium would miss buy just one game.  They need to win their last game to qualify.  The Pandas will be back!

The Eclipse division was dominated by “WWJD”  3 straight wins would see them take one of the first round bye.  The 403 Outlaws would take the other “bye”, from there everything get really close.  Just 100 points would separate third to sixth place.  Calgary Cyanide would slide into the last playoff.

5Man playoffs

Proving once again that anything can happen as long as you make the playoffs, Calgary Cyanide would upset Sindakit, they would join 2015 National Champions ADRENALINE in the semi-finals.  Showing the form that won them the National tittle Adrenaline stormed into the final with two straight wins, knocking the 403 Outlaws into the third place game.  WWJD had their hands full with Calgary Cyanide, ofter toping the prelim rankings, WWJD would need all three games to join Adrenaline in the final.

Sons of Osiris would start the weekend off right.  Two games would be al they would need to grab the Empire 5Man championship, and the early lead in the race to become the best 5Man team in the CPPL.

WWJD finished off a fantastic event sweeping their way to the Eclipse championship.  The real accomplishment however would be earning a spot at the next event in the Empire division.  Both WWJD and Adrenaline will now challenge the Empire teams for 5Man supremacy.