CPPL E1 "PAG OPEN" Event Wrap Up

May 4th is not supposed to bring SNOW, it is supposed to be warmer than -2.  The sun is supposed to be shining.  Well at 7:30am on May 4th 2014, it was much like December 4th!

Teams were a little slow to arrive, possibly thinking that the event would be canceled or postponed.  Thankfully we play paintball, not baseball!!!  The event and the CPPL forged ahead.  All teams were provided with indoor heated staging, making the elements a little less of an issue.

For 2014 the CPPL X-Division will see for the first time three divisions of play.  D1, D2, and D3 teams will play for Trophies, respect and prize money.

The first event of the season D3 would see just 2 brave teams enter the X-division.  These teams would play the D2 teams, then advance to a winner take all final.  Some teams might be fearful of playing X-division for the first time against teams up a division, not the Regina Regulators, or Hinton Chaos.  When notified via email that they would be playing the top D2 teams in western Canada, both team captains said "bring it on!"

7:30am May 4th, yes MAY 4th!!!

Ragnarok the 2013 CPPL series D4 champion has jumped all the way passed D3 into D2, they started strong vs. Regina Regulators, reaching the 7 point threshold.  Very impressive in defeat the Regulators scored 3 points in the loss.  Saskatoon Savage opened their season with 7 points vs. Mobscene who battled bad luck in their opening match.  They seemed to have all the key positions every point, only to lose out in the last few moments of each game.

CKA and Wildside let everyone at the PAG arena that they were ready to play.  Both teams dominated with 7-0 shut out wins.  These teams would face each other next, two teams on a high early in the event.

The D1 teams kicked off the season next.  The 2013 D2 Series Champions of pretty much everything the Black Hammers, would take on the newly rebuilt Vengence.  While in the other D1 match, Toxic and inquisition would square off.  Both matches were extremely close, and somewhat cautious.  The Black Hammers and Inquisition would emerge with hard fought close game victories.

Saskatoon Savage - D2 X-division

Saskatoon Savage - D2 X-division

When a team loses a match in overtime, they get a "loser" point.  The game between Ragnarok and Saskatoon Savage went to overtime, Savage snagged a 4-3 overtime win, taking the 2 points.  Ragnarok settled for the single point, wishing they had more.  Two games finished, both Ragnarok and Savage looked liked possible event winners.  CKA and Wildside played basically as car wreck game of paintball.  Calvin Foster from CKA played like a mad man, taking the 50 yard line again and again.  Wildside however, seemed to counter with the right move time and time again.  Wildside emerged with an incredibly entertaining and exciting 4-2 win.  Event was now 2/3 over, it was still snowing on and off.

The Elite Division one was starting to shape up.  Black Hammers showed dominate form, securing a 7-1 result vs. toxic.  Vengence rebound by defeating long time rival Inquisition by a score of 5-2.  Black hammers with the win secured the top spot and a birth in the championship game.  Vengence could join them with a win, or single point vs. toxic.  Inqusisiton had to score 7 points vs. the Black Hammers, a tall task it would seem at this point.

Wildside and Savage continued to roll.  Neither team dropped a game in the prelim rounds, and seemed destined to meet in the finals.  Both would lead their groups heading to the playoffs.

Black hammers continued the strong play from the first two games, rolling to a 7-1 win against Inquisition.  While Vengence set up a rematch from the first game of the D1 schedule, with a 6-2 final score vs. Toxic.

The finals are single match winner take all set up.  The D1 championship game would feature the longest point ever played in the CPPL X-division.  Vengence would win the first point with less the 4 minutes remain in the match.  The Black Hammers would fire back and score with just 24 seconds remaining!!!  The match went to overtime, The Hammers came through, securing the first D1 championship of the 2014 season.

CKA 3rd Place - D2 X-Division

CKA 3rd Place - D2 X-Division

D2 would see a team on a roll stumble for the first time.  Wildside fell short of the finals, losing to Ragnarok in the semi-final.  CKA would also drop their semi final game vs. Savage.  A gusty CKA played an emotional and inspired consolation match, securing a 3rd place finish.

The D3 Championship would see the Regina Regulators continue their strong play.  They would win the first ever D3 X-division title.  Congrats guys, you played fantastic paintball.  Hinton Chaos fell just short of their goal.  They impressed many with their style of play however.  Expect them to come back improved for E2 the "Empire Open.

Regina Regulators D3 Champs

Regina Regulators D3 Champs

Hinton Chaos D3 2nd Place

Hinton Chaos D3 2nd Place

That is the best summary that the CPPL can offer.  Look for these "wrap ups" after each and every event.  Hope that they help teams get motivated for the next event.

Check out the "Awards Ceremony for the X-divsion 

See you at the "Empire Open" May 31 / June 1st at Bragg Creek Paintball!