The CPPL has been OVERWHELMED by the demand for spots in the X-Division for 2017.  We have SOLD OUT of spots for Event#1.  We have also been flooded with requests for more spots to be added.  We are currently working on schedules to try and make this happen, but it doesn't appear that we will be able to.

In an effort to be completely fair to all teams we will be dropping all the "PENDING" teams from the event team list, and setting up a first come, first serve registration system.  At 7pm registration will re-open, and any spots that we have remaining will be up for grabs.  First come, first serve.

Team must know that we will NOT run X3 this season.  The teams are way to strong to be split into 3 divisions.  X1 and X2 will be run, 6 teams in each.  Teams will seed themselves at E1.

7pm, registration will re-open.  Be ready!!

Good Luck to all teams!!

Michael CareyComment