CPPL E4 August 31st / September 1st


Adrian Bader - Paintball Legend


Miss you already

The CPPL lost a family member this year. Tragically Adrian Bader or “BADER” as many called him left us far too soon. Adrian was a pivotal and important part of the CPPL and the entire paintball community. We will never recover from his loss, we will try to honour his memory and history as best we can.

Adrian won everything there was to win in the CPPL, and yet that is not his lasting legacy. The people he knew, the teams he built, the events he saved, everything the CPPL has done has Adrian finger prints all over it. The only person who has set up more CPPL events than Adrian, is me. My heart is BROKEN that I will never be able to do it again.

I hope you find the rest you are looking for Adrian, we will miss you terribly.

Video Created by FLYFREE Photography k.shuhyta@flyfreephotos.ca 403.305.2096

CPPL 2019 Event Dates and Formats


Choose your format! The CPPL offers BOTH traditional 5Player and our famous X-Division format! 5Player schedule is played on Saturday, while the X-Division is decided on Sunday. Choose one, or play both!

Play paintball in 2019. Play the CPPL


2019 CPPL EVENT Information

Plan your 2019 season. Full information on dates and fees is just one click away!!

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Team List - Next Event

If your team is not listed on the team list, you are NOT registered. Check it out here!

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CPPL Card Registration

Every player needs a CPPL Card every season. Register for your online and save money. Pick it up at the next event. Simple and EASY!

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CPPL Rules

Want to know what the rules are? Download your own copy here. Make sure you attend the captain’s meeting for 5Player.

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CPPL / Bragg Creek Paintball Kids Club Program

Kids Club is a great place for young kids ages 8-16 to learn how to play paintball from some of the best paintball coaches in the country!


2019 CPPL SERIES Event #4
August 31st / Sept 1st
Bragg Creek Paintball

Welcome BACK! Summer is over, SCHOOL is about to start, and the CPPL is holding it’s last event for 2019 in the south of the great province of Alberta! After this we head north to Paintball Action Games for the CPPL Series Championship!. Last chance for teams to surprise, upsets bound to happen!

The top teams in the CPPL are looking to set them selves up for a Series Championship.

Don’t miss out,